serving in the field

  1. Electrical & Mecanical Contractor
  2. Maintenance Service & Consultants
  3. Trading Electrical & Mecanical Part

Vision and mission

Vision: Always strive to be the best for building the infrastructure in the field of mechanical electrical and consultants in order to provide benefits for everyone by providing integrated automation technology in order to meet consumer needs. Supported by appropriate technologies and resources of quality to achieve customer satisfaction, employee welfare, and increase shareholder value.

Mission: Our commitment to technology and qualified human resources to build the mechanical electrical infrastructure to provide satisfactory service to consumers.

Moto: Professional, Independent, Honest


Did the job according to consumer demand by putting the human resources that have the appropriate expertise in the field, appropriate equipment and a faster turnaround time.


Put forward the best result in doing the work by developing more innovative ideas.


Outdoor use of the product in terms of price, reliability of products and working time.

PT Anugrah Langit Nusantara is a company that has experience in performing work that includes electrical engineering and mechanical controls. Supported by qualified human resources who have an engineering background and appropriate experience in the field makes the PT. Sky Anugrah Nusantara as a trusted company to do a mechanical and electrical work in order to give satisfaction to the consumer.

Our company is engaged in the field:

Mechanical & electrical contractors

Electrical installation work that we do include: design and installation of electrical houses, buildings and factories.
Mechanical work that we do is the installation / unloading generators and industrial machinery, manufacturing power pack generator, the generator silent, manufacture and installation of selencer and others

panel maker

We serve the electrical panel manufacturing industry are:

-Electrical Panel Automatic / Manual Synchrounizing
Electrical Panel Automatic / Manual capacitor bank (automatic Power Factor)
Electrical Panel ATS & AMF (Automatic Star & Stop generator)
Delta Star Power Panel and Direct On Line
Panel Electrical Water Level Control (WLC)
Electrical Panel Change Over Switch (COS)
Medium Voltage Electrical Panel
Electrical Panel KWH
Electrical Panel Hoist
Panel Power Inverter
Electrical Panel Interlock
Electrical Panel MCC (Motor Control Center)
Electrical Panel Control and Metering Genset Generators


We serve a service contract and maintenance service for electrical equipment and controls that include generators, electro motors, control panels and distribution panels, maintenance of buildings and factories.
Missiles to control parallel gensets, ATS and AMF
Powered by employees with an engineering background and have experience in the technical field, our company serves consultant in the electrical field that includes: planning, design and supervision.


Aside from being a mechanical and electrical contractor, PT. Anugrah Nusantara Langit provide electrical equipment to support infrastructure development in the field of electrical and control one of which is the generator control module.